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Circular 05/00: Planning appeals procedures (including inquiries into called-in planning applications)

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Jun 00

This circular explains the new procedures for handling planning appeals in England, introduced with effect from 1 August 2000. The object is to speed up the appeal process while maintaining its quality.

The circular highlights the main ways in which the three appeal procedures - written representations, hearings and inquiries - are operated. All are amended to make them more user-friendly and strengthened to ensure all parties comply with the procedural rules.

Key points include co-operation between all parties, the minimising of paperwork and insistence on meeting deadlines. More use of hearings is announced and inquiries are required to focus on the critical issues.

A regime of discipline for all parties is introduced, with late representations not normally considered. Annexes cover the format of written statements, hearings procedures and statements, written evidence and statements of common ground at inquiries, a code of practice for preparing for major public inquiries, and a statement of government policy on called-in applications.