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Circular 06/04: Compulsory Purchase and the Crichel Down Rules

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Oct 04

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to acquiring local planning authorities (LPAs) in England making compulsory purchase orders to which the Acquisition of Land Act 1981 (as amended) applies.

Its aim is to help LPAs to use their compulsory purchase powers to best effect and, by advising on the application of the correct procedures and statutory or administrative requirements, to ensure that orders progress quickly and are without defects.

ODPM Circular 02/2003 Compulsory Purchase Orders is cancelled except to the extent that it is applicable to earlier compulsory purchase orders to which Part 1 of the Memorandum to this Circular is not applicable.

The version of the Crichel Down Rules published in 1992 by the Department of the Environment and the Welsh Office is superseded in England (and for certain land in Wales) by the Rules set out in Part 2 of the Memorandum to this Circular.