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Manual for Streets

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Mar 07

The Manual for Streets is a joint publication produced by the Department for Transport (DfT) and Communities and Local Government. It is expected to be used predominantly for the design, construction, adoption and maintenance of new residential streets, but it is also applicable to existing residential streets subject to re-design. It aims to assist in the creation of high quality residential streets that:

  • build and strengthen communities;
  • balance the needs of all users;
  • form part of a well-connected network;
  • create safe and attractive places which have their own identity; and
  • are cost-effective to construct and maintain.

Transformation in the quality of streets requires a fundamental culture change in the way streets are designed. This needs a more collaborative approach between design professions and other stakeholders with people thinking creatively about their various roles in the design process. This publication is therefore aimed at all those who have a part to play in creating high-quality streets.