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Circular 10/82: Disabled Persons

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Circular 10/82 - This document is not currently available online.

Apr 82

DoE, DHSS, DES, DTp joint circular 10/82 (April 1982)

The Disabled Persons Act 1981 added sections to the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 to make sure that developers are better informed about their statutory obligations to provide for the needs of disabled people in certain types of building and to meet the British Standards Institution 1979 code of practice in the matter of access.

This circular draws the attention of the planning world to that part of the Act which covers provision for the needs of disabled people in buildings open to the public. It places a new duty on local planning authorities to draw the attention of developers to their obligations and allows for the attachment of conditions to planning permissions with implications for use by disabled people.

It suggests designation of a local authority staff member as ‘access officer’ and makes specific reference to provision of public conveniences and signposts. The circular also draws attention to the new requirement that developers make provision for access by disabled people in every case unless it can be shown that this would not be practical or reasonable in the circumstances.