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Circular 11/94: Environmental Protection Act 1990: Part II, Waste Management Licensing, The Framework Directive on Waste

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Circular 11/94 - This document is not currently available online.

Apr 94

DoE 11/94 and WO 26/94 (19 April 1994)

The waste management licensing system, a provision of the Environmental Protection Act1990, came into force on 1 May 1994. The government policy set out in the circular is based on a hierarchy of waste-use options, from the best option 'reduction' (i.e. less waste in the first place); 're-use'; 'recovery' (by recycling, composting or recovered energy); to the least preferable 'disposal' (by landfill or incineration without energy recovery).

Detailed guidance is given in 11 annexes which cover: the EC Framework Directive on Waste; the definition of waste; the relevance of the Food and Environmental Protection Act 1985; the Waste Management Licensing System; exemptions from licensing; registration of exemptions; protection of groundwater; registration of waste brokers; public registers and annual reports; waste management licensing and commercial confidentiality appeals; other provisions including powers to remove unlawfully deposited waste.