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Circular 13/83: Purchase Notices

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Circular 13/83 - This document is not currently available online.

Apr 83

DoE 13/83 (27 April 1983) and WO 22/83 (27 April 1983)

This circular, with its accompanying memorandum, gives guidance to local authorities served with a notice requiring them to purchase land or buildings. It gives general advice about compliance with statutory provisions for the service of a purchase notice and the importance of the date of service. It notes that failure by a council to take any action on a purchase notice will result in that notice being deemed to be confirmed on them. The crucial importance of whether the land in its existing state is "capable of reasonably beneficial use" is discussed and the action required from the council on whom the notice is served is outlined. The circular emphasises the need for a council to give full reasons for declining to comply with an order. The advice summarises action to be taken by a council after a purchase notice has been sent for consideration by the Secretary of State and notes that any inquiry held will be governed by the current Inquiries Procedure Rules.