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Circular 13/88: Control of pollution act 1974: the collection and disposal of waste regulations

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Circular 13/88 - This document is not currently available online.

May 88

DoE 13/88 and WO 19/88 (31 May 1988)

This circular draws attention to the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (Commencement No. 19) and the Collection and Disposal of Waste Regulations, 1988. The commencement order brought into force all the outstanding provisions of sections 12-14 of the 1974 Control of Pollution Act.

Section 12 revises and clarifies collection authorities' responsibilities for the collection of waste. Section 13 sets collection authorities' powers for the provision and use of dustbins and other containers for waste storage. Section 14 defines the relationship between collection and disposal authorities.

The Collection and Disposal of Waste Regulations 1988 define the difference between household, industrial and commercial waste, describe when household waste may be charged for, and explain when a disposal licence is not required.

The circular also describes the system of waste disposal licensing, the disposal licence appeals procedure, the full list of waste management papers published by the DoE and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution and an index to the regulations and circular.

The circular emphasises that the government's view is that charging for a local authority service is the best way of ensuring that users have a clear perception of its cost.