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Circular 15/97: Air Quality

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Circular 15/97 - This circular is not currently available online.

Dec 97

DETR 15/97 and WO 63/97 (17 December 1997)

This circular and accompanying guidance notes promote a corporate approach to the issue of local air quality of relevance to a range of local authority departments.

The circular gives an introduction to the function of local authorities in delivering the government's UK National Air Quality Strategy through the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) system.

It also introduces the accompanying series of guidance notes which are being published to assist local authorities in their LAQM functions. The national strategy sets health-based air quality standards, air quality objectives which it is intended should be achieved by the end of 2005, and the process for achieving those objectives.

A nationwide improvement in air quality is the aim, but there will be local 'hotspots' says the circular requiring a locally focused response. General guidance is offered on making a framework for assessing air quality and plans for improving it.

Particular matters covered include air quality and traffic management and air quality and land-use planning. There is also technical guidance on monitoring, emission inventories, dispersion models and pollutant-specific guidance.