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Circular 20/87: Use of waste material for road fill

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Circular 20/87 - This document is not currently available online.

Aug 87

DoE 20/87, DTp 3/87 and WO 36/87 (7 August 1987)

This circular reports the government's decision on continuing the experimental procedures aimed at increasing the use of waste material as bulk fill in road works through the dual tendering procedures introduced in 1972.

The government takes the view that the use of waste material in a constructive way remains to the nation's advantage, but has concluded that improved and early information exchanges are the best way forward.

It therefore has terminated the dual tendering scheme in favour of making better information available to both waste producers and local planning authorities.

The highway authority will identify whether suitable waste is available within an economic transporting distance (usually not above ten miles) and planning authorities will indicate where other usable sources of mined fill are located.

An annex sets out the main stages in the development of trunk road schemes in England and Wales.