Environmental Reports

Groundsure are leading providers in a wide range of environmental searches and reports. Planning Portal has partnered with Groundsure as part of our mission to streamline the planning process for all our users.

Environmental reports provide data on specific subjects such as planning and land use histories, contaminated land and flooding or comprehensive packages of information for particular uses such as home buying or risk assessment.

Groundsure provide trustworthy data and expert insight to assist in:

  • Completing property or land transactions
  • Assessing viability for development projects
  • Compiling supporting information for planning applications or other regulatory hurdles
  • Filling your knowledge gaps for any given location.

The process is simple

  1. Register with Groundsure
  2. Order and pay for your report
  3. Receive your report via email

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Your report won’t cost more by purchasing via the Planning Portal. We simply receive a small portion to help us maintain our suite of free services.

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With Groundsure's environmental reports and searches, you can...

Plan with confidence

  • Access reliable, up to date information to support applications
  • Find out about the planning history of your location

Rely on their expertise

  • Access a wide variety of specialist knowledge in one place.
  • Utilise trustworthy data to support your decision making.

Avoid jargon

  • New products, such as Groundsure Avista, provide information in plain language and prioritised advice on your next steps.