Frequently asked questions

How do I access my saved applications on the Planning Portal?

You can access your saved application on the Portal.

Log in and scroll down to the ‘My Applications’ section under the "My Planning Portal" screen on the main navigation.

Here you will see a table with four tabs, 'Draft', 'Submitted', 'Transferred' and 'Archived'. 

  • Draft are applications that you have created but not submitted or your payment has not yet cleared
  • Submitted are applications that you have submitted but the local planning authority has not downloaded yet
  • Transferred are submitted applications that the local planning authority has downloaded
  • Archived are applications you have chosen to move to the archive

If you would like to archive a large number of applications (e.g. 20 or more) please contact the Portal Service Desk to request this is done.

The archiving process can take some time to complete manually by the user. We can speed up this process for you, saving you time.