Frequently asked questions

How do I enter my site location if I cannot find it using a postcode (or my site has no postcode) and I do not know the grid reference?

If your site is not being found correctly by the 'Find Address' facility or it simply does not have a postcode, then you can still start your online application by using the 'Address not known?' link to find and enter the correct grid reference for your site.

You can use the UK Grid Reference Finder (a third party service) to search a map of the UK manually (or by using a nearby postcode or street name) for your site.

Once you have found your site, right click on the map to display the grid reference.

Make a note of the six digit X (Easting) and Y (Northing) values.

These can then be entered in the corresponding fields on our system.

Please also note that if your postcode has not been recognised, we update our postcode data quarterly, which usually resolves this issue.