Frequently asked questions

What should I do if there is a problem with my online payment for an application?

Many Local Planning Authority's (LPAs) provide online payment systems for applications made on the Planning Portal.

When you make an online payment as part of the 'Pay and Submit' process, the Planning Portal will redirect you to the LPAs online payment system.

If the payment is successful, the LPAs payment system sends a successful response to the Planning Portal, your application will be submitted, and you will be returned to the Planning Portal where the confirmation details for your online payment and application submission information will be shown.

If you have paid online but are not returned to the Planning Portal, or the system indicates that payment was not successful, there may have been a problem with the payment process and your application will not have been submitted.

If this occurs, please contact the LPA to tell them what happened. They will be able to check if your payment was successful and if not, recommend what action you should take. Contact details for the LPA are shown within our application system, you can also find them here.

The Planning Portal is not responsible for LPAs payment systems and is therefore unable to resolve any issues with your individual payment or the payment system in general.

To complete the 'Pay and Submit' section, you can always change the payment type to 'Cheque' (but not send a cheque off if you have already paid).

However, you should contact the LPA about the best option for submitting your application to ensure this is acceptable, otherwise they may not validate your application. Contact details for the LPA are shown within our application system,you can also find them here.