Frequently asked questions

Why are the ‘Interactive Guides’ not showing when I try to view them?

New interactive guides for England 

We have redesigned our interactive guidance for England so that it functions across all desktop and mobile devices.

If the interactive guide does not display correctly, we first recommend that you try to refresh the webpage. This can usually be done by pressing the F5 key on a desktop computer, or within the browser options menu on your mobile device.

Legacy interactive guides for Wales/Welsh 

We are working with Welsh Government to replace the legacy versions of the Interactive guides.

The legacy versions of the interactive guides were built using a technology called Flash and rely on a Flash player plug-in to display them in a web browser.

This free plug-in is available for all Windows, Linux and OSX based desktop and laptop computers and many other devices.

You can download and install Flash player here:

Since our guides were launched, Apple chose not to support Flash based content on their mobile operating system ‘iOS’ (used on all iPhones, iPads and iPods) and Adobe, the company who owns Flash, have also stopped supporting it on the latest versions of the Android mobile operating system (version 4.1 onwards).

Therefore, it is not possible to view the legacy interactive guides on devices running these operating systems (iOS, Android 4.1+).

Please be assured that there is nothing in the interactive guides that isn’t covered in our conventional common project webpages.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.