Build Aviator estimating service

This is a third party service provided by Build Aviator. The links on this page will take you to their website

What is an estimating service?
An estimating service can be used to give an accurate account of your proposed construction project.

Why do you need it?
For a building contractor, an estimating service is needed to provide accurate costings, produce a professional quotation to the client to help win the work, assist with ordering materials so the project runs smoothly (no under ordering or over ordering). The contractor can also use the report to help manage the business, profit margins, overheads etc.
For a self-builder, an estimating service is an essential guide is knowing what to order and when, and to know the projected costs of the project. The estimate can be used to aid in lending and also to help with budgeting. Self-builders will benefit from have the expertise of their trade expert estimator to answer any technical construction questions. 

How do you get started?
To get started, you just need to upload the plans here. Our trade experts analyse the project’s complexity and give you a cost to price the build. We let you know the cost and you confirm whether you’d like to go ahead. Once payment is made we book your estimate in. On the day that your estimator is due to start, you’ll receive a call. The estimator will go through specifics of the project e.g. what is site access like? Once your estimator is finished, you’ll receive another call to go through the estimate in more detail. Once you’re happy, we will send you the complete set of reports. If you have any amendments that are needed, we complete these free of charge. 

What are the benefits?
•    Accurate costing  
•    Easy material ordering
•    Stay in control of your budget
•    Save time
•    SAP assessments available
•    Be organised and in control

What projects can be priced?
•    New houses
•    Extensions
•    Renovations
•    Conversions
•    Small projects e.g. landscaping

How does the service work?
Once you confirm you wish to proceed, our estimators begin pricing the work. Once complete, you are provided with a full set of reports detailing every cost for the project including all materials, plant and labour.

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