3D Context Models for Planning

This is a third party service provided by AccuCities. The links on this page will take you to their website

The Planning Portal have teamed up with AccuCities to present their offer of custom 3D site models with extended project licence. 

Do I need a 3D model for my project? Accucities logo_small

A 3D model of a development site and neighbouring properties is often purchased at the same time as a Planning Map. An accurate and detailed 3D context model is always welcome by your architect and often required by your planning consultant, especially for developments in a built up area of a town or a city. They are used for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Daylight & Sunlight, Overshadowing, Solar Glare, Light pollution assessments as well as for Right to Light analysis.

Who should supply the 3D context model?

Usually it is either the investor, architect, planning consultant or the construction company. With the Project licence, all of them can use the same 3D context model. It is most advantageous to purchase the 3D context model early on in the process by the investor.

How can I buy AccuCities 3D models?

AccuCities can supply CAD models of your site and neighbouring properties in 5 working days for £600 including VAT. Available almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, simply select Get a Quote below and AccuCities will come back to you with a binding quote within 4 working hours (Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm).