How to apply

Who can apply

Planning permission 

If you wish, you can appoint an agent to apply for planning permission on your behalf. For example, you may prefer your architect, solicitor or builder to take care of it.

You don't actually need to own land to apply for planning permission for it. This means you can apply for permission before deciding whether or not to buy a piece of land.

The following people must be informed about a planning application relating to land or buildings they have an interest in:

  • The owner or all the part-owner/s (if you are not the full owner)
  • Any leaseholders with at least seven years' lease remaining
  • Any agricultural tenants.

Getting help with your application

Applicants and appellants may well need help from a variety of sources. Local people and organisations may offer willing amateur assistance, but professional support may be useful too.

For help from professional planners, turn to the register of planning consultants produced by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). Fees are usually payable for consultation services.

For low-cost or free assistance, contact should be made with the large group of professional planners who offer voluntary assistance to members of the public through the Planning Aid network, run by the RTPI.

Building regulations approval

Applications for building regulations approval are submitted to a building control body (BCB).

You can apply directly to your local authority for approval or to an approved inspector. An approved inspector will notify the local authority of the work, this is known as giving 'initial notice'.