Doors and windows

Framing your unique view

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When it comes to transforming the appearance of your home, windows and doors can have a big impact. Defining the character of your property, both from the inside and out. Updating these features gives you the opportunity to make your home unique, frame your distinctive views and achieve enhanced levels of security and thermal performance. To achieve all of these things, choosing the most suitable material is essential. Here, Tina Hughan, Marketing Director at Reynaers Aluminium Ltd, discusses how aluminium frames are leading the way for discerning homeowners, over common alternatives such as uPVC.

Over time, your house becomes more than just a property. Either through the memories that are made there, or the updates you make to it, that house becomes your home. And your home is something to be proud of, to take care of, and to make truly yours. Having worked with homeowners for several years, we’ve seen how transforming their homes has made a real impact to their lives. On those journeys, we’ve also seen the challenges that are faced when it comes to making decisions that will last a lifetime – the choice of windows and doors being a classic example.

They form the fabric of a home. More than offering protection from the outside elements, windows provide a way of framing a view that only your property has – and they often define the appearance of a property. The challenge is that so many options are available to homeowners, from the classic uPVC through to elegant aluminium. Let’s consider why aluminium is fast becoming the go-to choice for future-proofing property, maximising usability and enhancing aesthetics.

Achieving a look to be proud of, without compromising performance

Aluminium has been around for a long time. In fact, around 75 per cent of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality, its green credentials are strong. Over decades, aluminium has become the material of choice for architects and homeowners alike. Look at modern homes and it becomes easy to see how aluminium windows help to create the striking and slim lines which make up their fabric.

But aluminium isn’t only used to achieve a desirable appearance. Its natural strength and durability means that – compared to other materials such as uPVC – less is needed to hold in the glass and hardware, from handles through to security and thermal performance features. In practice, that means more of your window is just that – window, rather than frame.

When you’re updating the look of your home, these details really matter. One of the growing trends we’re currently seeing in residential properties is the inclusion of sliding doors, often used to minimise the boundaries between the inside and the out. Visually striking, aluminium sliding doors from Reynaers can achieve up to three-and-a-half metres in height, introducing a tremendous volume of light into your home, while the aluminium itself requires practically zero maintenance. Perfect for transforming existing spaces or creating a distinctive yet practical element of an extension, in built characteristics such as a lift-and-slide mechanism make using these sliding doors effortless.

Alongside this style of transformative glazing solution, more traditional window designs are available to homeowners looking to complement existing building characteristics. Where existing steel windows are being replaced, for instance, aluminium profiles are able to leverage their slimline profiles to provide solutions which are in-keeping with original designs, while delivering unrivalled performance. 

Where thermal performance is concerned, aluminium windows and doors utilise intricate profiling which is centred around rigid insulation material to deliver reliable thermal performance. The aluminium is then covered in a tough powder coat finish which improves longevity and reduces maintenance. Unlike uPVC alternatives, aluminium doors and windows can be specified in almost any colour to match your particular preferences, without compromising on essential characteristics. 

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