Adding roof windows to your extension

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Bring the light in - how roof windows can transform your home

VELUX asked for your top questions regarding natural light, roof windows and more.

We're adding an extension to our Victorian cottage. We want to retain the 'old and cosy' character but ensure there is still plenty of light. How do we get the right balance?

When planning your extension, maximising daylight should be high on your list of priorities, so choosing the right size and number of roof windows is hugely important. To bring in the perfect amount of natural light to the space, we recommend that your roof windows should make up the equivalent of 15-20 per cent of the room’s floor space.

Don’t fall into the trap of placing roof windows above doors and adjacent to other windows to maintain neat symmetry in your plans. Pay attention to the areas in the centre of your extension, away from doors and windows. These are the most likely areas requiring daylight to lighten the room and keep it feeling spacious and open. We recommend an even spread of roof windows that will bring in the maximum amount of daylight. For example, it might be better to fit two larger roof windows than three smaller ones.

If you’re worried about maintaining the period features of your Victorian cottage, take a look at our range of conservation roof windows that blend into the roof of your home, maintaining that all-important period charm.

Do you make any classic style windows suitable for listed buildings/conservation areas? I live in a listed building, we have an existing single storey extension and I would love to get more natural light in. A few houses in our neighbourhood have put heritage-style roof lights in.

If you want to install VELUX roof windows in your listed building or in a designated conservation area, you should check first with your local planning authority before carrying out any work.

We have a special range of conservation roof windows that are designed to blend seamlessly into the roof of your listed building. The sleek black finish with vertical centre glazing bar will flood your home with natural daylight and add a modern touch to your cottage, while keeping the classic feel of the listed building. Available in either centre-pivot or top-hung opening, all our conservation roof windows are energy efficient and come with all the features you’d expect in a standard VELUX roof window so you don’t have to compromise style over functionality.

However, the black finish featured on our conservation packages may not be required in your area. If that’s the case where you live, then you can choose any roof window and add one or more conservation glazing bars in the corresponding size to keep the heritage feel of your home.

We would love to add windows to the roof but I worry that we could potentially be opening up our roof to a whole host of issues such as leaking and electrical problems. Can this happen? Also, would you have skylights that open or stay closed?

There is still a historic misconception that a flat roof extension is more likely to leak, however, the products available have improved massively in recent years. Making a new opening in an existing roof and installing a flat roof window should be no problem for an experienced builder.

Placed high in the ceiling, flat roof windows will fill a kitchen extension with daylight and open up the space. Providing the perfect combination of natural light and fresh air, they also funnel steam, smoke and cooking odours out of your kitchen. For flat roofs, VELUX curved-glass rooflights in white polyurethane look as good inside as they do outside. The unique CurveTech dome lets rainwater easily drain off the surface, even on 0° pitched roofs, to let daylight shine through without raindrops getting in the way.

If you want an automated home with connected technology, sensors and remote-operated products, adding VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows and blinds and the VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control starter kit would improve and simplify your life while making the indoor climate healthier and more comfortable.