Satellite, TV and radio antenna

Planning Permission: Buildings 15 metres high or more in designated areas

If your building is in a designated area, you do not need to apply for planning permission to install an antenna on your property, as long as:

  • there will be no more than four antennas on the building overall;
  • the size of any antenna is not more than 130 centimetres in any linear dimension (not including any projecting feed element, reinforcing rim, mounting and brackets);
  • the cubic capacity of each individual antenna is not more than 35 litres;
  • an antenna fitted onto a chimney stack is not more than 60 centimetres in any linear dimension;
  • an antenna mounted on the roof does not stick out above the roof more than 300 centimetres above the highest part of the roof; and
  • an antenna is not installed on a chimney, wall, or a roof slope which faces onto, and is visible from, a road or a Broads waterway. (If you are not sure, get advice from the local planning authority.)

Any work which does not meet all these requirements will require planning permission