Self-build homes

Choosing a self-build package

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When it comes to building a house, anything that can simplify the process will be welcome.  Many companies that supply building materials offer special self-build packages for one-off homes, enabling self-builders to benefit from all the advantages of a masonry home with quite a few of the headaches taken out.

Find more information on and examples of successful self-build projects (external link).

H+H’s Structural Masonry Homes Package

More than 80 per cent of new homes in the UK are built using masonry, with aircrete being a popular option for self-builders.

Industry experts H+H have created a complete masonry wall package service, which includes technical support, detailed product specification and the supply of all the vital products and materials required for the major structure of your home.

This is a package is specifically designed to assist the self-builder or small housebuilder.  It provides the complete shell of the home, from foundations to walls, in one straightforward step.

It combines large format blocks with the Thin-Joint masonry system to form a method of construction referred to as the ‘Rå Build’ method. Using architectural drawings, experts from H+H calculate all of the materials required to build the foundations and walls together with all of the ancillary products required, i.e. wall ties, cavity trays, DPC material and even standard steel lintels if required.

All materials are then quoted as a fixed-price package and delivered to site for contractors to begin work. The fixed quote and delivery direct to site ensures that the home can be built on schedule and eliminates the chances of any unexpected costs associated with inaccurately estimating the amount of materials needed.

How does it work?

The package takes the build process all the way from foundations to the point where the basic structure of the home is complete, ready for the interior fit-out and exterior finish to be decided.

Step 1: Starting with the ground works complete, the contractor takes responsibility for the site to build you a weather-tight masonry shell.

Step 2: The Thin-Joint walls are initially bedded on a levelling course of traditional mortar. Once this first course is complete the build progresses without delay, quickly building the internal leaf of the external walls to first lift. With the workability of aircrete, any openings are easily formed for windows and doors.

Step 3: With the first lift complete, the floors are installed using timber either built in to the walls or on joist hangers fined with weather deck or similar products.

Step 4: The Build then continues apace with the second lift soon complete, with any gable ends built or spandrel panels positioned. The roof trusses are installed with felt and fly battens completing the structure; handing a weather-tight masonry shell over to allow completion of the external leaf of the envelope whilst internally the first fix can start.

Who builds the home?

The aim of the package is to provide as much assistance as possible to get your home off the ground. If this requires us to provide details for one of our highly skilled recommended contractors, that is also an option. These contractors are trained in the use of aircrete and the Thin-Joint System.

More information can be found in H+H’s Structural Masonry Package brochure.