Where to get approval

Third party certification

The performance of an element of a building will be partly dependent on two things:

  • The materials/products making up that element
  • The standard of workmanship used to install/construct the element.

Some organisations and companies operate schemes for accreditation of materials, products and/or installers.  Whilst these schemes are not an alternative to formal building regulation approval, they may be accepted by building control bodies as evidence of compliance with the requirements of building regulations. However, in advance of the work the building control body may wish to establish that the scheme is adequate for the purposes of the building regulations.


There are many UK product certification schemes. Such schemes certify compliance with the requirements of a recognised document which is appropriate to the purpose for which the material is to be used. Materials which are not so certified may still conform to a relevant standard.

Many certification bodies which approve such schemes are accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Third party accredited product conformity certification schemes not only provide a means of identifying materials and designs of systems, products or structures which have demonstrated that they have the requisite performance, but additionally provide confidence that the systems, materials, products or structures actually supplied are provided to the same specification or design as that tested/assessed.


The performance of a product, component or structure is dependent upon satisfactory site installation and maintenance. An installer or maintenance firm that has an independent certification or accreditation from a third party will help to provide confidence that installations have been conducted by knowledgeable contractors to appropriate standards.

This will be backed up by use of systems, materials, products or structures that conform to the standards of the accreditation scheme.