Planning applications: Supporting development management teams

Rapid payment of planning application fees

Our Financial Transaction Service gives all applicants and agents the ability to pay planning application fees online or by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, regardless of which Local Authority they are submitting to.

It also removes the burden of reconciliation and the cost of processing payments from Local Authorities, meaning that 100% of the planning application fee is retained by you.

Users can also nominate other people to pay for an application (e.g. an agent asking a client to pay) using all available payment options.

Online and telephone payments are confirmed almost instantly, allowing the application to be submitted. Receipt of payments by cheque or bank transfer will be confirmed before the application is released to you. Therefore, you can begin your validation procedures as soon as applications are received; knowing that the fee has been paid and the funds are on their way to you.

Where a planning application fee is due, Planning Portal will apply a service charge to the agent/applicant for managing the payment and reconciliation. This is in line with our business strategy to deliver best value for taxpayers and local authorities and supporting the Government’s intention that “users of the planning system, rather than taxpayers in general, meet the costs”.

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