How to get started online

Benefits of applying online

Save time and money 

Experienced users report savings of over £120 on average for every application while the savings for major applications run into several hundreds of pounds, or even thousands, depending on the size and nature of the application.

Submitting online avoids the time and costs of creating, copying, processing, packaging and transporting paper.

More efficient interface with local planning authorities

More than 75 per cent of local planning authorities (LPAs) in England and Wales are fully integrated with the Planning Portal, which means that applications submitted to them via the Portal are instantly transferred directly to their back-office systems. The remaining LPAs manually download their applications from the Portal once, twice or more each working day.

Regardless of their level of integration LPAs report that applications submitted via the Portal are quicker and easier to validate and process because the Portal ensures all elements of each application are complete, are in the correct format and meet each LPA’s individual application requirements. This minimises delays caused by validation issues and leads to more consistent and timely planning decisions.

Cuts your carbon footprint 

Reducing waste and CO² emissions doesn’t just help the environment - it saves businesses money too.

More and more organisations are linking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes with competitiveness. Details of businesses' carbon management strategies and carbon savings achieved are included in CSR statements.

These are increasingly being published in annual reports and used in marketing material, website content and public relations to demonstrate corporate commitment to reducing CO² emissions. 

The Planning Portal offers free demonstrations and user surgeries to help professional organisations, both large and small, obtain the maximum commercial benefit from all the Portal's facilities.

In addition, organisations can use the online applications service to minimise operational costs and gain more consistent and timely planning decisions for their clients.