Project management for professionals

New Workspace Facilities

Based on feedback from users of our national online planning application service all Professional users on the new Planning Portal are provided with two free functional areas, called Workspaces.

The first of these is the users default workspace. It provides the same proven and comprehensive set of online application facilities as the previous Planning Portal. Enabling every professional Planning Portal user to create, assemble, save, copy and submit their own Planning applications.

The second Workspace provides those users who work to jointly assemble large or complex planning applications with a powerful online collaborative tool.

This shared Workspace is simple to set up and allows teams to work in a number of different cost effective and time saving ways.

It has primarily been designed for planning staff that head or manage project teams. The shared Workspace allows users to invite internal and external specialists to join their Workspace to contribute to planning applications. The owner of the Workspace can manage the make-up of the project team by adding or deactivating workspace members at any time. The owner can view all applications created by the team, retain the authority to submit the resulting applications themselves or authorise another member of the Workspace team to do so. Furthermore all users can also be linked to up to three of their colleagues shared workspaces free of charge.

Further shared workspaces and additional functionality will be available shortly on a commercial basis and will come with a number of value added facilities to meet a range of management requirements. This includes a dashboard giving users access to a comprehensive range of customisable management tools.

To learn how the powerful Workspace functionality can be adapted for different operational settings, please refer to our Workspaces guidance note.