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Revised master plan for huge Greenwich Peninsula development

Published: Thursday, 17th September 2015

The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s planning board has approved a revised master plan for the redevelopment of the Greenwich Peninsula site in south-east London.

The blueprint from developer Knight Dragon provides for up to 12,678 homes and 220 serviced flats to be delivered on those parts of the site that have not already received full permission or begun to be built. The scheme represents one of the largest new developments in London.

This brings the total number of homes to be built at the wider Greenwich Peninsula site to 15,720, an increase of more than 50 per cent over the 10,010 homes permitted under the original master plan.

Development is proposed to take place across six new neighbourhoods, five of which will be primarily residential and the sixth a leisure-led district centre.

As well as homes, the scheme includes nearly 60,000 square metres of business space, 40,000 square metres of film and media studios, 23,500 square metres of retail and food space and a 500-room hotel. A minimum of 22.7 per cent affordable housing must be provided across the site.

Under the original master plan, for which outline permission was granted in 2004, an affordable housing provision of 38 per cent was required. But this was subsequently cut to 21 per cent of units in 2013. The master plan is subject to approval by the mayor of London.

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Roger Milne