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Think-tank urges new local housing delivery bodies

Published: Friday, 19th June 2015

New local bodies called ‘Local Place Partnerships’ (LPPs) led by local authorities should be established to ensure new housing and infrastructure is provided, think tank ResPublica has advocated.

ResPublica says the only way to plug a shortage of affordable housing is through the creation of new local institutions that devolve housing to people and places.

The think-tank argued that these new bodies could dramatically increase the numbers of homes built by bringing together all the interested parties: private developers, housing associations, residents, civil society and local business and addressing their concerns and wishes through one decision point.

ResPublica said residents should be able to petition local authorities to set-up LPPs.

ResPublica director Phillip Blond, said: “For too long, housing policy has been controlled by Whitehall, and the lack of local authority involvement has been a primary driver behind the failure to build new homes at the scale needed.

“The only way that we will mitigate the Whitehall ‘command and control’ model, and an old local authority led model is by introducing a new institution that draws a wide range of partners together to coordinate the building of genuinely affordable and aesthetically pleasing homes, and provide the infrastructure needed for communities to thrive.”

The report proposed that funding for new housing should come from private and public partnerships and such initiatives as the Local Government Association’s Municipal Bonds Agency. The think-tank also identified the Local Government Pension scheme as another source of finance.

View the publication on the ResPublica website

Roger Milne