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Report urges departmental fusion to aid housing delivery

Published: Thursday, 25th June 2015

Councils have been urged to consolidate their planning, housing and regeneration teams as local authorities gear-up to help deliver more housing.

That is one of the key recommendations of a joint report by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) and the Mears Group.

The report also recommended that housing deals should be embedded in any proposals for City Deals, new mayoral arrangements, combined authorities or other district/county growth Deals.

Also highlighted was the need for the government to consider further incentives for house building by expanding the New Homes Bonus scheme. The report stressed house building incentives should be central to the administration’s plans to extend the Right to Buy regime.

The report states: “Recent estimates suggest that we need to build between 243,000 and 280,000 houses a year just to meet current demand. This is a huge challenge that will require innovation, new partnerships and investment.

“Councils will have a big part to play in helping to plug the gap, and they are keen to start building again. There is political will for them to do so and the public feels that government should improve access to housing.

“But they will need to approach their role in a more creative way. Our research suggests there are pockets of innovation and some impressive examples of councils showing leadership, confidence and vision, but it is not widespread across the sector.”

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Roger Milne

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