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Revised Buckinghamshire local plan proposes garden town and a new settlement

Published: Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan to be considered by full council before going out for public consultation…

Aylesbury Vale District Council’s cabinet has recommended that the Buckinghamshire council’s revised draft local plan should be considered next week by the full council before going out for public consultation. An earlier version was withdrawn in 2014 following an examination in public.

The new draft strategy includes proposals to designate Aylesbury as a garden town to accommodate projected growth of 50 per cent.

The plan includes provision for unmet housing need for the three councils to the south of Aylesbury Vale: South Bucks, Chiltern and Wycombe district councils. They face constraints because of green belt and an extensive area of outstanding natural beauty.

As a result the new plan provides for a housing requirement of 33,300 homes over the period to 2033.

The current proposals focus the majority of growth in Aylesbury, Buckingham, Winslow, Wendover and Haddenham.

The strategy also proposes a new settlement of around 4,500 new homes at either Winslow or Haddenham and housing allocations on sites adjacent to Milton Keynes.

The planning authority has also argued that exceptional circumstances exist to justify a proposed alteration to the green belt boundary to release a site for around 800 homes to the north of Wendover.

The forecast requirement for employment need is some 22-hectares of land. The council says it has a supply of over 70-hectares (not including part of the new Enterprise Zone). The local authority is considering which employment sites can be reallocated to other uses including housing.

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Roger Milne