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New-look York local plan makes waves

Published: Thursday, 23rd June 2016

York’s emerging local plan continues to make progress with councillors set to approve a new preferred sites document…

York’s emerging local plan is close to being finalised with councillors due to approve a new preferred sites document next week with significantly revised figures for housing, employment and locations. The document is expected to go out for public consultation next month.

The document identifies approximately 480-hectares of land for housing and approximately 57-hectares of land for employment. The earlier draft plan produced in 2014 included approximately 960-hectares of land for housing and 61-hectares of land for employment. 

The majority of the land removed sits within the draft green belt with proposed greenfield housing sites cut by over 50 per cent from 862-hectares to 366. 

The vast majority of draft green belt sites proposed in 2014 have been removed entirely, substantially altered and/or reduced in size. 

In addition to this, the previous publication draft included 335-hectares of safeguarded land identified for longer term need. All safeguarded land has now been removed from the plan. A small element has been reallocated for employment uses at Grimston Bar and Northminster.

Proposed housing on brownfield land has increased from 85-hectares (in 2014) to 101-hectares, with York Central alone earmarked for 1,500 new homes. 

The proposed new housing is in line with York’s independently-assessed housing need. Overall, the proposals will deliver land for at least 8,277 homes for the period up to 2032 and 2,450 homes for the period 2032 and 2037.

David Carr, Leader of York City Council said: “If taken forward, these revised proposals could help to deliver around 11,000 new jobs and for the first time create a permanent green belt to ensure the city’s boundaries are protected for two decades.”



Roger Milne