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550-dwelling Tewkesbury project dismissed

Published: Thursday, 15th September 2016

Javid dismisses proposals for 550 new homes at Ashchurch, concluding that the adverse effects on road safety and traffic flow made the scheme unsustainable…

Proposals for a 550-home development at Ashchurch near Tewkesbury which the borough council had failed to determine within the prescribed period have been dismissed by the SoS. The inspector who held the recovered inquiry had recommended that the scheme by developer Robert Hitchins Ltd should be rejected.

Javid’s decision letter acknowledged that the Gloucestershire planning authority could not demonstrate a five-year supply of housing sites but agreed with the inspector that the scheme was not sustainable because of adverse effects on highway safety and the free flow of traffic around a key access junction. The SoS also said the proposals would prejudice the development of a major allocation site in the emerging joint core strategy.

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Roger Milne