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Cheshire homes schemes allowed on appeal despite neighbourhood plan conflicts

Published: Thursday, 10th November 2016

Communities Secretary allows two housing developments on appeal, concluding in both cases that the schemes demonstrated sustainable development…

Developers have successfully appealed two major housing schemes, one a residential-led mixed use project, both originally refused by Cheshire East Council and recovered for determination by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid.

Both sets of proposals were at locations covered by neighbourhood plans and in both cases the planning inspectors involved had recommended the schemes should be allowed.

The larger of the two schemes was proposed by Gladman Developments for land at Holmes Chapel covered by the made Brereton Neighbourhood Plan.

The outline proposals for a 16-hectare site included up to 190 new homes, 30 per cent of which would be affordable, and 350 square metres of employment use, open space, recreational facilities and landscaping.

Although the SoS acknowledged that the proposals were in conflict with both the local and neighbourhood plans he also noted that the relevant housing supply policies were out of date and the scheme was sustainable and offered economic, social and environmental benefits.

In respect of the second scheme, a joint proposal from Fox Strategic Land & Property and Gladman Developments, for up to 165 dwellings on a 9.3-hectare site at Abbey Road, Sandbach, the Communities Secretary agreed the scheme was in conflict with both the local and neighbourhood plan but also noted that it represented sustainable development at a location where the development plans’ policies for the supply of housing were out of date.

Javid highlighted that work on the neighbourhood plan had made it clear that the eastern portion of the appeal remained undeveloped.

Overall the SoS concluded that the adverse impacts would not significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits “when assessed against the policies of the National Planning Policy Framework as a whole”.

Read the Holmes Chapel decision letter.

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Roger Milne