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COVID-19 and submissions by post

Postal submissions to Local Authorities may encounter delays due to the closure of council offices and availability of staff working at home based on current Government advice. We recommend online submission during this time and advise that you check for information in regard to the measures that individual Local Authorities are taking on their websites.

We would always recommend that you apply online. But all the application forms are also available to download as PDF documents which you can print out, complete and submit by post. View further details about making an application 'offline'.

Paper Form Chooser: Select and download PDF forms

This tool will ask you to select the relevant Local Planning Authority or the location of your development. It can also provide assistance in selecting the correct type of form if required. In addition to a printable PDF application form, you will be provided with links to a guidance note, and question-by-question help text.

Please note: The forms should be saved to your device (using the 'save as' function) and then completed. If you do not save a version before entering text, the text will not be saved correctly. You can complete the form using the free Adobe Reader desktop software / mobile app or full Adobe Acrobat software. Many internet browsers and other software can be used to view PDF format files, but we cannot guarantee their compatibility or functionality in regard to these forms.

Application types not currently available on our online system or paper form chooser

You can download PDF application forms and associated documents on the next page of this section.

  • Applications for prior approval of a proposed:
    • Enlargement of a dwellinghouse by construction of additional storeys
    • New dwellinghouses on detached blocks of flats
    • New dwellinghouses on detached buildings in commercial or mixed use
    • New dwellinghouses on terrace buildings in commercial or mixed use
    • New dwellinghouses on terrace buildings in use as dwellinghouses
    • New dwellinghouses on detached buildings in use as dwellinghouses
    • Demolition of buildings and construction of new dwellinghouses in their place
  • Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed:
    • Change of use - commercial/business/service to dwellinghouses
    • Change of use - commercial/business/service/etc to mixed use including up to two flats
    • Erection, extension, or alteration of a university building
  • Application for Permission in Principle
  • Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a listed building
  • Planning application for development relating to the onshore extraction of oil and gas

Application types not currently available from the Planning Portal

If you wish to apply for the following, please contact your local planning authority or check their website for details

  • Application for modification of conditions relating to construction working hours
  • Application for additional environmental approval to extend the duration of a planning permission
  • Planning permission for mineral extraction or associated development
  • Modification or discharge of a Section 106 planning obligation