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Planning Portal timeline

2002 - The Planning Portal is established by UK government

Introduced to provide an entry point to online planning information and allow planning applications in England and Wales to be submitted online.

    2003 - The Planning Portal introduced the first electronic planning application form.

    This was a simple standard form which was made available to any local planning authority that wished to use it, it was not mandatory.

      2004 - The Interactive House is launched.

      The Interactive House gives people a simple and visual route into planning guidance and advice.

        2005 - The Planning Portal is redesigned

        The redesigned site better reflects new web standards and the growth of electronic application submission.

          2006 - The Planning Portal wins the well-regarded Central Government Website award at the annual Good Communications Awards in London.

          The Planning Portal is recognised for its highly original and easy to use navigation, as well as additional features designed to aid users.

            2007 - The Planning Portal website is redesigned and updated.

            The redesigned site better reflects new web standards and the growth of electronic application submission.

              2008 - The 1APP project is completed

              Reducing the number of form variations from around 12,000 to one.

              Also in 2008:

              • The Interactive House is re-designed alongside and new Terrace tool, providing an interactive 3D view of our advice and guidance.
              • The Planning Portal wins the Public Value Award, a coveted recognition.

                2009 - The Planning Portal Blog is launched

                The Blog provides a platform for users to get involved with discussions on the latest developments on the Portal and with the planning sector as a whole.

                  2010 - The Planning Portal website and application service is redesigned and launched, improving user experience

                  The new website also meets government ambition that websites be public-private collaborations and receives more than 700,000 visits per month.

                    2011 - More than 50% of all planning applications now submitted online via the Planning Portal

                    A hugely celebrated achievement for the Planning Portal Team.

                      2012 - One millionth application submitted online.

                      The Portal receives one million visits a month for the first time.

                        2013 - 1.5 millionth application submitted online

                        The Planning Portal reaches milestone of 500k visitors in April - 543,887 visitors making 1.2M visits to the site, averaging more than 40,000 visits a day

                          2014 - Two millionth applications submitted online

                          A huge 80 per cent of all planning applications in England and Wales are now submitted online via the Planning Portal.

                            2015 - Planning Portal becomes a private entity PortalPlanQuest ltd

                            A joint venture between the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and TerraQuest Solutions Ltd.

                            Also in 2015:

                            • The Planning Portal Blog receives half a million views, this has been achieved since it was launched in 2009.

                              2016 - The Planning Portal website is redesigned

                              The 1app system is also updated to meet user demand and the Portal is now receiving more than 2,000 applications every working day.

                              Also in 2016:

                              • The Interactive House is updated. The new versions no longer rely on Flash and are supported by the latest mobile and desktop devices, meaning many more people can now access the information and guidance.
                              • Planning Portal's building control online application service is launched. The Portal responds to requests from clients for a building control service to sit alongside the planning service.

                                2017 - The ReQuestaPlan digital mapping service is launched and the 1App system is updated to meet user demand

                                This tool delivers compliant, low cost maps for planning and building control applications in minutes.

                                Also in 2017:

                                Our Payment ReDirect service is launched. A great number of Local Authorities sign up to the service, which allows clients to securely and easily pay for applications submitted by their agents.

                                  2018 - Planning Portal delivers the RTPI Directory of Planning Consultants.

                                  The new RTPI Directory offers an improved user experience and enriches a consultants listing.

                                  Also in 2018

                                  • Welsh Government's 'Planning Application Wales' is built and launched by the Planning Portal.
                                    After being selected to deliver the online application service for Wales, the Planning Portal team deliver a fully Welsh branded, bilingual application service.
                                  • The Planning Portal streamlines the application process by launching an integrated payment system (FTS)
                                    After much research about application invalidation, the team work to deliver a value-added service to the online planning application service (1App) to help reduce payment delays.

                                    2019 - All Prior Approval applications can now be made online

                                    The application service was updated to include 16 new Prior Approval form types.

                                    Also in 2019:

                                    • The first Planning Portal Conference held. We undertook the challenge of hosting our first ever annual conference in Birmingham, bringing together speakers, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors from across the industry.
                                    • Enhancements made to the Nominate payment option. As a result of analysis and user feedback, we made some significant changes to improve the nominate payment option.

                                      2020 - TerraQuest and Planning Portal awarded the contract to deliver the Regional Planning IT system by the Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland.

                                      Working in partnership with ten Northern Irish councils and the Department for Infrastructure.

                                      Also in 2020:

                                      • Launch of monthly Planning Market Insight Reports. Our team began to analyse online application data and present monthly reports to our audiences.
                                      • A new investor for Planning Portal. TerraQuest Solutions Ltd and Planning Portal are purchased by Apse Capital, opening up opportunities for the business to accelerate improvements.
                                      • Planning Portal held second annual conference virtually. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our conference was delivered virtually.

                                        2021 - Planning Portal launched our new Community Hub; a new interactive, industry-specific networking and exhibition platform

                                        Also in 2021:

                                        Over 720,000 planning applications submitted through the Planning Portal, an increase of over 100,000 on the previous year.

                                          2022 - The Planning Portal proudly launch latest iteration of the online application service and website

                                          A tremendous achievement from both Planning Portal and our colleagues at TerraQuest in Birmingham, unveils our in-house developed system.

                                              The Planning Portal is delivered by PortalPlanQuest Limited which is a joint venture between TerraQuest Solutions Limited and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities. All content © 2022 Planning Portal.

                                              The Planning Portal is delivered by PortalPlanQuest Limited which is a joint venture between TerraQuest Solutions Limited and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities. All content © 2022 Planning Portal.