Other considerations before you start work

Crime Prevention

You may feel that your home is secure against burglary and you may already have taken some precautions such as installing security locks to windows.

However, alterations and additions to your house may make you more vulnerable to crime than you realise. For example, an extension with a flat roof, or a new porch, could give access to upstairs windows which previously did not require a lock.

Similarly, a new window next to a drainpipe could give access. Ensure that all windows are secure. Also, your alarm may need to be extended to cover any extra rooms or a new garage.

The crime prevention officer at your local police station can provide helpful advice on ways of reducing the risk.

The following guidance has been issued by Secured By Design - an official UK Police initiative. It provides useful information on crime prevention issues:

You can also details about the government’s policies on crime prevention on the Home Office website.