How to apply

What to submit

Supporting Information

Your application must be made up of:

  • the necessary plans of the site
  • the required supporting documentation
  • the completed form
  • the correct fee.

If you’re applying online, once you have submitted your application it will automatically be received by the relevant local planning authority.

The local planning authority will not be able to process your application unless the mandatory supporting documentation has been provided. You can also attach any other relevant documentation which you think will help the local authority determine the application.

Please note - online submission of supporting information may not always be possible because of its volume and variety. If this is the case, information can be submitted in hard copy (three copies plus the original) or electronically (e.g. CD, USB storage device), even if the application has been submitted via the Portal. In these circumstances applicants will be notified of the validity of their application when the LPA is satisfied it’s received all the necessary information.

Please note: Your local authority may have their own acceptable method for you to provide supporting information, please check with your local authority what these are before submitting.

There are two levels of mandatory documents: national and local. If you’re applying online, the service will tell you what mandatory documentation you need to provide and allows you to attach the relevant documents. If you are posting the application, at least three copies of the form and any supporting information, including plans, are required, although some planning authorities may ask for more.


Mandatory documents

National requirements

As a minimum, you must provide the following documents for your planning application to be valid:

  • The standard application form
  • Most planning applications require two plans to be submitted as supporting documents:
  • An ownership certificate A, B, C or D must be completed stating the ownership of the property.
  • Agricultural holdings certificate – this is required whether or not the site includes an agricultural holding. All agricultural tenants must be notified prior to the submission of the application
  • Design and access statement (if required) – this should outline the design principles and concepts that have been applied to the proposed development and how issues relating to access to the development have been dealt with. Find out more about design and access statements.
  • Correct application fee. 

Local level requirements

In addition to the national list, your local planning authority may produce a list which details any specific documentation that is required to accompany the application. The requirements may vary according to the type of application, i.e. household, full, outline, etc. If you are applying online, this list is available from a link in the right-hand side panel on the supporting documents screen.

Alternatively, the local requirements can be found on the relevant LPA’s website.

Find contact details for the relevant LPA

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Personal data and planning applications

Please note that with the exception of the applicant contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses), all the information you provide on the application form and in any accompanying documents may be published on the website of the local authority dealing with your application.

To avoid the publication of personal details, do not include them, or any other information which falls within the definition of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998, in documents supporting your application.

If you require any further clarification, please contact your local authority’s planning department.