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Circular 01/01: Arrangements for Handling Heritage Applications

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Jan 01

DETR 01/2001 & CMS 01/2001 (11 July 2001)

This circular repeats much of the advice on the historic environment in circular 14/97, which in turn updated Planning Policy Guidance Note 15 Planning and the Historic Environment, originally published in September 1994. It also (in Appendix A) corrects an error from circular 14/97.

It makes significant changes to some consultation and other provisions:

  • Details are given of how listed building consent applications should be made and how notice of these should be provided to national amenity societies and English Heritage.
  • There are new arrangements for notifying English Heritage of listed building consent applications in London, and revised requirements for English Heritage to notify the Government Office for London.
  • The role of the Royal Commission on Historic Monuments of England is absorbed into that of English Heritage.
  • Changes to PPG 15 are summarised in Appendix B
  • Appendix C gives advice on listed buildings in conservation areas subject to action under part IX of the Housing Act 1985.
  • Appendix D gives advice originally included in circular 14/97 on the House of Lords judgement in the case of Shimuzu (UK) Ltd v Westminster City Council.
  • The ruling affected the definition of "building" and of "demolition" in the context of listed building and conservation area consent.
  • Appendix E lists the main heritage bodies and their addresses.