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Mobile phone network development: Code of best practice

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Nov 02

This Code of Best Practice, produced jointly by representatives of central and local government and the mobile phone industry, builds on Government guidance and operators’ commitments. It provides clear and practical advice to ensure the delivery of significantly better and more effective communication and consultation between operators, local authorities and local people. Standardised practice will promote greater consistency of approach and aid the transparency of the process for all concerned.

We attach great importance to securing good design in development generally. The Code’s advice on good siting and design of telecommunications development will help to direct development to the most appropriate locations and to help minimise environmental impact and visual intrusion. This applies not just in environmentally sensitive areas but to all proposals for telecommunications development.

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This Code replaces the version first produced in 1996.

You can also view the 'Review of the Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development: Final Report'.