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Can I amend a submitted application?

Yes, you can make amendments to an application you have submitted on the Planning Portal.

View the details below or download our 'amending an application' guidance note.

If you need to amend an application that you have previously submitted, this is possible using the ‘amend’ function. 

Follow these steps to amend an application:

1.    Access your application list - Login to your account on the Planning Portal and go to 'start or view planning applications'.

2.    Find the application you wish to amend - On your application list, the status of your application is categorised under tabs named; Draft, Submitted, Transferred and Archived.

There are several types of amendment that can be made depending on the status of your application.

  • ‘Submitted’ applications can be amended as these have yet to be downloaded by the Local Planning Authority.
  • ‘Transferred’ applications can be amended, albeit in a more controlled manner, as these have already been received by the Local Planning Authority.
  • ‘Archived’ applications that were ‘Withheld’ once submitted can be amended and resubmitted, as they were never sent to the Local Planning Authority.

Note: If the application fee changes due to the nature of the amendment, then this will need to be resolved via an additional payment or a refund.

3.    Start the amendment - Click on ‘Amend’ under ‘Actions’ for the relevant application. A pop up box may appear to confirm the amendment.

4.    Confirm the amendment type - You will be shown a screen that details the amendment process and presents two options to pick from:

  • Make amendments to supporting documents ONLY 
  • Make amendments to both the application form and supporting documents.

You can click OK to continue, or cancel the amendment process and return to your application list.

Please note: If you select 'Make amendments to supporting documents ONLY' by mistake, then you will need to delete the new version from your draft list. This will put the previous version back into your 'Transferred' list, so you are able to click amend again and choose the correct amend option.

5.    Make your amendments - You will be taken to the overview screen for the application you are amending. Browse through the top tabs (Forms; Supporting Documents; Fees) to locate the area of the application that you wish to amend.

Note that if you have selected to only amend supporting documentation, all other areas of the application will be locked.

While making amendments, the LPA will not be able to view or access the application.

6.    Submit your amended application - Once you have made your amendments, you will need re-submit your application on the Planning Portal. Click on the ‘Check, Pay & Submit’ tab to begin this process and follow the instructions on screen as you did for the original submission.

If the application fee changes due to the nature of the amendment, then this will need to be resolved via an additional payment or a refund.

Additional payments can be made via our payment service. If the amended application incurs an additional fee due to the changes made, then a further service charge will apply to fees over £60.

If you believe a refund is due, then discuss this with the Local Planning Authority once they have validated your amended application and confirmed the fee due.

7.    What happens next - Once the application has been released, the Local Planning Authority will receive a notification that the application has been amended and they will be able to begin their validation process.

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