Frequently asked questions

Can I amend a submitted application?

Yes, you can make amendments to an application you have submitted on the Planning Portal.

View details below or download our 'amending an application' guidance note.

You can access your applications by signing in to the Planning Portal. Once you have signed in, navigate to the 'My Planning Portal' page, this can be accessed by navigating to Home > Applications > View your applications.

On this page you will see a list of your proposals under the heading 'my applications'. The status of your application is categorised under tabs named draft, submitted, transferred and archived.

Navigate to the 'submitted' tab, choose the proposal that you wish to amend by clicking on the name of the application.

Click on 'confirm' to continue with the amendment. An overview screen will appear. Browse through the top tabs (overview, forms, supporting documents, fees and check, pay & submit) to locate the area of the application that you wish to amend. Please note: while you are making amendments the LPA will not be able to view or access the application.

Once you have made the changes, you will need to click on the 'check' tab and then 'submit' to re-submit your application. The LPA will then receive a notification that changes have been made to your proposal and they will be able to begin processing the amended application. 

If your application is in the 'transferred' tab you have two options.

You will either be able to make changes to the supporting documentation (which is free and you may do this more than once), or other more substantive changes to the application (charges may apply depending on the changes made).

If you are making changes to the forms section, or any details entered onto the forms, you will need to select the second option

Option 1 – Changes to supporting documentation only

If selecting to make changes to the supporting documentation, this will change the status of your application to 'Open for amends’.

The same application reference number and version number will be retained, with the Documentation section Open for Edit.

You will not be able to amend the forms, fees or payment sections.

Option 2 – Changes to any part of the application

If making substantive changes, this will create another version of your application

The status in 'My Applications' page will be Draft. Any information entered onto the original forms and supporting documentation sections will remain but these sections will be Open for Edit and further changes can then be made.

Once you have made your changes you will need to click the ‘Check, pay and submit’ tab to make sure the application has been completed and then Submit the application as normal.