Frequently asked questions

I'm a 'professional user' and I can't find my applications

If your applications were shared using the ‘Agent Admin’ functions on the old Planning Portal website, then they are likely to be found in a ‘shared’ workspace on the new system.

To access other workspaces:

1. Login to the site and proceed to your application list

2. Click on the ‘Manage Workspaces’ button on the right, above the application list.

You should see a list of workspaces, including one called ‘Agent Workspace’

3. Click the ‘Switch to this workspace’ link in that row to be taken to that workspace

You should see your applications in the list of applications for that workspace.

Please note: If you haven't worked on an application since the 1st July 2015 at this time it will not have been migrated to the new system. If you need access to a particular application and it isn't in your account please contact our support desk.