Frequently asked questions

Can I print/export 1App applications?

From 10 September 2018, applications in draft in the planning application service (1App) will no longer be able to be printed or exported as a PDF. 

If you need to share your draft application with anyone inside or outside your organisation, you can do this by using our current ‘shared workspace’ function. Applications will be able to be downloaded and printed after being sent to the local authority.

The decision was taken to disable the functionality for draft applications as part of the implementation of the Financial Transaction Service, in order to avoid large, complicated applications being emailed to local authorities rather than sent through the 1App system.

We discussed this with several agents during our testing phase and feedback was that Workspaces would be appropriate alternative.  We will however continue to review this aspect of the system to see what improvements can be made to satisfy the need to share applications with clients.  In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience this causes you and are happy to offer any assistance possible in setting up workspaces to minimise the impact on you.

You can see full information on workspaces on our website. If you need to move an application in draft from a personal to a shared workspace, this can be done quickly and easily by contacting our Support team on 0333 323 4589. 

Update: We are aware that the removal of this function is causing problems for some customers.  Please be assured that we are working urgently with our technical supplier to introduce a function which enables you to send a copy of a draft application to a customer for sign-off, without allowing applications to be completed in 1App and emailed to a local authority.