Frequently asked questions

What do the different statuses on the 'My Applications' page mean?

Your applications are shown in four tabs that correspond to the status of each application:

  • Draft - This application is either:
    • waiting for funds to clear, pending release to the local authority (once payment has been processed the application will be released to the local authority).
    • still being completed and has not yet been submitted to the Local Planning Authority
    • being amended and has not yet been resubmitted (see ‘Amended application statuses’ below)
  • Submitted - The application has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority and they have been notified by email. However, the application has not yet been accessed or processed by them.
  • Transferred - The application has been accessed by the Local Planning Authority and transferred to their system. For further information about the application after this stage you will need to contact them.
  • Archived - Submitted/transferred applications that you have chosen to archive.

Amended application statuses

The following statuses will only be displayed if you choose to amend a previously submitted (and transferred) application. They will be shown next to the version number.

Attachments Amendment / Full Amendment – This is the new version of an application (that was submitted and transferred then subsequently opened for amendments). The original version will remain in the ‘Transferred’ tab and its version will show one of the messages detailed below:

  • Open for amendment - The application has been reopened for amendments but has not yet been resubmitted.
  • Replaced – The application has been amended and resubmitted