Frequently asked questions

How do I re-submit a revised application that has already been determined?

If you wish to resubmit an application that has already been determined by the local authority then the application should be copied and submitted under a new Planning Portal reference number. This will only be possible if your initial application was created and submitted through the Planning Portal.

You will need to access your application by logging into the Planning Portal.

Once you have logged in, scroll down to the 'My Applications' section. The submitted application will be under either the Submitted or Transferred tabs.

Once you have identified the application you want to resubmit, you can copy it and start a new application.

Click on the copy link for the corresponding application to start the copy process.

You will be prompted to give the application a new reference and confirm if site location, applicant and agent details need to be copied.

You will then need to confirm the local planning authority if the same site location is being used, or, if a new location is to be used then you will need to specify the site details.

In each case this functionality is the same as the standard application chooser when making an application.

Once this is completed the copied application will appear in your list of applications.