Can you build an annexe in your garden?

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A garden annexe can transform a family's life by giving the person living in the building closeness to their loved ones whilst maintaining the privacy of having their own space. This means that the rest of the family are also happy that they are only one minute away from a parent or young person in the annexe. It provides the best of both worlds, especially if the main property doesn't have the space or privacy required to accommodate a family member. 

A garden annexe requires permission from the local authority though and this can be via a normal planning application. However, a Booths annexe complies with the Caravan Sites Act and meets the meets permitted development rules.

What is the Caravan Sites Act and how is it different from normal planning permission?

The Caravan Sites Act is a permitted development route for installing a garden annexe. A standard annexe would normally be a permanent fixture and require substantial foundations, however an annexe installed under the Caravan Sites Act must be movable and requires less substantial foundations. This means the cost is usually less and the it can be installed quicker. 

One advantage of a portable annexe is if the family's circumstances change in a few years time, it can be sold and transported from a garden to another family who can enjoy its use. 

Booths Garden Studios offer the L shape QC Garden Annex which complies with the Caravan Sites Act. It has a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom so enables independent living but still only a minute away from the main property. 

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