Types of appeal

Householder appeals

If your planning application relates to development associated with a house such as a rear extension or roof alteration then it is likely that you will have submitted a householder planning application to the local planning authority (LPA).

If so, any subsequent appeal will also be dealt with through the householder appeals process. This is a more streamlined and faster process than other forms of appeal, normally because the matters in contention are simpler to understand and consider than larger development proposals.

Normally the decision notice from the LPA will include some notes that will identify whether your appeal can be dealt with through the householder appeal process. The notes should also confirm the time period within which you must submit the appeal.


A householder appeal currently has to be received by the Planning Inspectorate within 12 weeks of the date of the decision. You will lose your right of appeal if you do not submit it within this timeframe.

Once you have submitted your appeal, the Planning Inspectorate will confirm whether it will be dealt with as a householder appeal.

However, if you are in doubt you should make enquiries to confirm the process before you submit.

For example this is not the correct appeal process if the property is not a house, or if it is a flat or maisonette.


The full requirements and process for submitting a householder appeal are detailed on GOV.UK.

For this type of appeal, all written information and drawings should be submitted at the outset when you first lodge the appeal.

A planning inspector will visit the site to assess the proposal and a final decision will subsequently be made in writing.


The whole process from submission to decision should take around 10-12 weeks.