Types of appeal

High hedges appeals

The Planning Inspectorate also deals with appeals in relation to ‘high hedges’ as detailed under Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003.

This gives a local authority the power to deal with complaints about high hedges, to make decisions and issue remedial orders.

An appeal in respect of a high hedge can only be made against a decision or remedial notice issued by a local authority in response to a formal complaint about that high hedge.

Unlike most other appeals, a right of appeal is available if you are the person who complained to the local authority in the first place, or if you are the owner or occupier of the land where the hedge is situated.

You can appeal against a local authority’s decision to issue a remedial notice requiring the size of a hedge to be reduced if, for example, you think the works don't go far enough or that they go too far.

You can also appeal on other matters such as if the local authority decides not to issue a remedial notice or if they withdraw it.

The full procedure for submitting high hedges appeal is available on GOV.UK.