Success and results

Mr Ng's conservatory, Bristol.

Planning permission

Mr Ng shared his experience of adding a conservatory to his property; he had spoken to the local planning department, so he already knew that there was a certain area of development allowed without needing planning permission.

Mr Ng’s property is in a conservation area, which made it more likely that he would need to obtain planning permission. During his research of the property Mr Ng discovered that the house had already been extended by a previous owner, so the conservatory he planned would put the work over the Permitted Development limit.

The property being in a conservation area and that it had already been extended meant that his conservatory required an application for planning permission.

Building regulations

Mr Ng was aware of building regulations and contacted the building control department at his local authority to find out what regulations had to be followed in order to add heating to his conservatory.


  • Browse our interactive guides or contact your local planning authority to find out about permitted development limitations
  • Find out about the history of the house; whether it had been extended by previous owners of any planning applications submitted and the outcome, the property may have met its limits for permitted development for extending
  • Contact your local authority building control department to find out about building regulations to be met;
  • Include all intended works on the planning application

Guidance on planning permission and building regulations for conservatories can be found in our interactive house and mini guide.