Payment Nomination

Nominate (previously known as the Payment ReDirect Service) is a helpful function included in the payment options of our planning application service. For those that choose to use it, this convenient payment option will mean that clients can easily and securely pay online for applications submitted by their agents.

Nominate allows applicants, such as agents, to nominate another person to pay for a planning application made on the Planning Portal. The service is simple and convenient to use and sits alongside standard payment mechanisms for the planning application service. This service has long been requested by both agents and local authorities alike and the facility enhances the application process for all users.

Please note: Since the launch of our Financial Transaction Service in September 2018, a service charge is applied to all planning applications submitted on the Planning Portal that attract a planning application fee of £60 or more. The service charge is £23.33 (+ VAT). 

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Benefits of Nominate

  • Secure and simple: The client receives an instant payment notification by email to pay online, with a daily reminder for seven days to ensure prompt payment.
  • Speeds up validation: Removes cheque payments from the process, streamlining and improving registration and validation times, saving you and your clients time and money.
  • Improves the application process: Agents can easily defer payment to the client for a direct payment, removing the need to arrange cheque payment.
  • Reduces financial risk: The client pays directly.

Access our bank of Frequently Asked Questions for more information about Nominate.

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