Frequently asked questions

How much does a planning application cost?

The fee associated with a planning application depends on the type and scale of the development. In England, for a typical householder application the cost is £206. 

Find more about application fees.

Note, there are different fees for England and Wales. In Wales the cost of a typical householder application is £190, while a Lawful Development Certificate is half the normal planning fee. Applications to planning authorities in Wales should be made on the Planning Applications Wales website.

There is a range of exemptions and reductions that are available depending on the circumstances.

A guide to fees for planning applications in England

Fee Calculator

You can also use the Planning Portal's fee calculator to work out fees for different kinds of proposal.

While every effort has been taken to ensure that the fee has been calculated correctly, the determination of whether a fee is correct is solely the responsibility of the relevant local planning authority.

The fee calculator on the Planning Portal will calculate a fee based on the information you enter. When you submit an application, the fee will be checked by the local planning authority and they will confirm whether the fee is correct.

Please contact your local planning authority if you have any doubts about the application fee or if you require further information about matters specifically related to your proposal. The local authority will also confirm the amount payable on submission of your application.

You can find contact information for your local planning authority here.

Service charge

Please note: Since September 2018, the Planning Portal now processes payments for planning applications, as part of our Financial Transaction Service, and there will be a service charge applied to planning applications submitted online that attract an application fee.

The service charge is £20.83 (+ VAT). Applications with a fee below £60 will not incur the service charge.  

Find out more about the service charge. There is also more information on the Financial Transaction Service on our Professional Portal.