Consent types

Prior approval

Certain types of development are granted planning permission by national legislation without the need to submit a planning application. This is known as 'Permitted Development'. In order to be eligible for these permitted development rights, each 'Class' specified in the legislation has associated limitations and conditions that proposals must comply with.

One such condition on certain classes of permitted development is the need to submit an application to the Local Planning Authority for its 'Prior Approval; or to determine if its 'Prior Approval' will be required. This allows the Local Planning Authority to consider the proposals, their likely impacts in regard to certain factors (e.g. transport and highways) and how these may be mitigated.

Work must not commence on the development until the Local Planning Authority has issued its determination. However, it is important that Prior Approvals are actioned quickly by the Local Planning Authority as many will receive 'deemed consent' if the time period for a determination to be issued expires. By default, this is an 8 week period from when the application is received, but this can vary depending on the type of proposal and may be extended if all parties are in agreement.

The Planning Portal's online application system provides for all of the current types of 'Prior Approval' application except:

  • Applications for prior approval of a proposed:
    • Enlargement of a dwellinghouse by construction of additional storeys
    • New dwellinghouses on detached blocks of flats
    • New dwellinghouses on detached buildings in commercial or mixed use
    • New dwellinghouses on terrace buildings in commercial or mixed use
    • New dwellinghouses on terrace buildings in use as dwellinghouses
    • New dwellinghouses on detached buildings in use as dwellinghouses
    • Demolition of buildings and construction of new dwellinghouses in their place
  • Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed:
    • Change of use - commercial/business/service to dwellinghouses
    • Change of use - commercial/business/service/etc to mixed use including up to two flats
    • Erection, extension, or alteration of a university building

These are available as PDF forms while we work to add them to the online application system.

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